Copenhagen sees two shootings within hours

copenhagenOur thoughts are with the people of Denmark. On February 14, 2015, the city of Copenhagen was rocked by not one but, two shootings within hours of each other. It’s suspected that the same person or people are responsible for both attacks and it once again, very much looks to involve one or more Islamic extremists.

“…a gunman killed one person and injured three at a free speech debate attended by a Swedish cartoonist.

Hours later, a gunman opened fire on Krystalgade street, about 5km (three miles) from the scene of the first attack.”

via BBC News – Copenhagen hit by second deadly shooting.

At last report, local police are still searching for at least one shooter who escaped by carjacking a passerby. That vehicle was found abandoned a short while later. He was last seen wearing a purple balaclava and thick “puffer” jacket.

Like many European countries, Denmark is home to some of the most restrictive gun laws in the world. There is no right to own a firearm in Denmark. Licensing and specific training is required to own a gun. And in spite of all of that, much as the case in France, a criminal intent on doing people harm managed to do just that. The laws protected no one and violence has invaded Utopia again.


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