Beretta to debut its first full-size striker fired pistol

“Beretta waited to enter the striker fired market until we had a pistol we knew would meet the needs of the operator. The APX has been more than three years in development,” said Carlo Ferlito, Beretta Defense vice president and general manager. “We tested it extensively with professional end users and incorporated that feedback at every opportunity. The result is a pistol platform that delivers superior performance in durability, reliability, accuracy and ergonomics.”

via Beretta to debut its first full-size striker fired pistol.

That’s right…Beretta has entered the Striker fired pistol market. We haven’t actually handled one yet and it will probably be months before we do. They tried to sweet-talk the US Army into keeping the M9 with the M9A3 but, that ship has sailed. Time will tell if this new gun lives up to the billing Beretta gives it. It’s hard to offer something truly original in this market space now with entries from Glock, S&W, Springfield, HK and even Sig, having been there for years already.


3 thoughts on “Beretta to debut its first full-size striker fired pistol

  1. Gary, when you finish testing it I would like to carry it for a year or two and make sure they know how well it works in all conditions before giving my 2 cents worth. O.K? LOL

    • Sounds like a plan, Rob. I’ll have to get one in my hands first. I’m not expecting anything about this gun to be ground breaking. I am not saying it will be a bad gun but, Beretta is coming into a market where they may already be a day late and a dollar short.


  2. Looks like they’re following Glock, HK and Sig…no thumb safety. Also no .45ACP. So Smith & Wesson and Ruger remain the mfrs with a 45 striker with thumb safety. U.S. military–and also my household–will not buy a striker gun with no safety. And I only carry the all-American .45 ACP.

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