Commendable but dangerous…

Excuse the language in the recording. The guy who recorded this is an idiot. Why? Because he stuck around to record it! When stuff like this jumps off, if you can, drop enough cash to cover the bill and GTFO. Don’t hang around for stuff like this!

The large man has taken umbrage to the fact the mental midget he’s berating had struck the woman at the table. While it’s commendable that he’s defending a stranger, it’s also not necessarily smart. Too many unknowns and, ask any cop, he’s running the risk of the woman becoming the attacker…Defending the man who beat her! That said, he’s got something going for him that most don’t. As a friend rightly pointed out, “… someone THAT big tells you, ‘Go ahead, shoot me m***** f***er! It won’t be the first time!’ You should probably consider your subsequent actions very carefully.”


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