Odd Trivia, Frank Sinatra was almost cast as Dirty Harry

This is going to hit a couple buddies of mine in the feels. But, would you believe the role of Harry Callahan was originally written for Frank Sinatra? The reason he lost the role however is about as uncool as it gets…He couldn’t lift Dirty Harry’s famous revolver, the Smith & Wesson Model 29, .44 Magnum.

While I like Sinatra, I personally can’t imagine him in that role. Eastwood, McQueen, Newman, or even Bronson all would have been far more realistic options. But between a wrist injury and a relatively small frame Sinatra just wasn’t big enough…5’8″ and may be 110lbs wet, even if Ava Gardner swore 10lbs of that was between his legs.


3 thoughts on “Odd Trivia, Frank Sinatra was almost cast as Dirty Harry

  1. Check IMDB for other interesting trivia about the movie. After this movie came out, it was 15 years before S&W caught up with orders for the Model 29 in .44 Magnum! Colt could have experienced the same order glut, if they were still making the Python. The Walking Dead has boosted the price of used Pythons instead.

  2. Frank was also considered for the lead role in another well-known crime action film. The film was Death Wish, which Sinatra turned down. Like Dirty Harry, Death Wish also led to a series of films involving the main character, who was played by Charles Bronson.

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