Agence France-Presse: Guns rarely used for self-defense in US

Washington (AFP) – Contrary to what the gun lobby argues, personal firearms in the United States are rarely used for self-defense, a gun control advocacy group said Wednesday.

In an analysis of FBI and other federal government data, the non-profit Violence Policy Center said Americans are far more likely to hurt themselves or others when handling a lethal weapon.

In 2012, it said, only 259 “justifiable homicides” involving a private citizen were reported, compared to 8,342 criminal homicides committed with a gun.

Put another way, for every justifiable homicide involving a gun, 32 criminal homicides carried out with a firearm occurred. And that does not take into account “tens of thousands” of gun-related suicides and unintentional shootings.

Source: Guns rarely used for self-defense in US – Yahoo News

And so starts the next round of drivel from the mainstream media.┬áNone of the FBI or CDC statistics take into account successful uses in which no one has to get shot.┬áPolice officers point their guns at thousands of people every year without firing a single round. They gain compliance and no one gets hurt. A gun was “used” but it does not count as a homicide or injury. The same is true for millions of gun owners.That’s not suggesting we all go around pointing guns at each other but, the fact is, if your threat runs away with his hair on fire and you don’t have to shoot him, that’s a successful use of a firearm. None of that is being counted here.


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  1. OK. Everyone who gives a shit what a Frog-based press has to say, please send me $1. Damn. I’m still broke. Well it’s certain no guns are used in Paris for self defense. Rather, citizens just get killed. I guess that’s more nobel. And like Gary said, the overwhelming number of crimes prevented by armed citizens do not involve firing a weapon. I guess that needs to change, so we can get that “justifiable homicides” number up!

  2. At around 3:00 am several years ago I was staying on a boat in drydock for a friend in Galveston, Texas. I heard a noise and jumped up and came face to face with a burglar who had piled up all the expensive fishing gear on the shore and was coming back for more. I told him to stop and come to the boat. I saw him fumble with something in his hand. Realizing he was trying to orient a gun I pulled my own 9mm and discharged a round into a wooden reel next to him. He ducked and then turned and ran off into the night. I called Galveston PD and when the officer arrived he said the incident was on a boat and that I needed to call the Harbor Patrol. Since he did not take a report and since I did not kill the burglar I did not call them. Another case of a good guy with a gun stopping a crime and possibly my own murder. That is just one of 3 or 4 incidents in my life where a gun was used to thwart a crime and not reported to these idiots. the anti-gun hoplophobics will not violate the Constitution of the US without making millions of citizens criminals and we will not stand for it.

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