Nope. Don’t try it. Not at home. Not in class. not on YouTube. Not Ever.

The “lessons” being learned here do not require a live firearm for demonstration purposes or even learning purposes.


Don’t try it at home In this video you will see gun loaded point to the head look the control and move out line of fire is important to understand to move out line of fire is not enough is important have the control when the attacker can’t pull the gun out from your hand again also important When you disarm make sure magazine in place make sure the gun in condition to shoot if needed This video is also in slow motion KALAH SYSTEM GOD BLESS Idan

Posted by Idan Abolnik on Thursday, June 11, 2015

One thought on “Nope. Don’t try it. Not at home. Not in class. not on YouTube. Not Ever.

  1. Talk about stupid is as stupid does. I have seen these guys before and while one can understand their wanting to show absolute control in a violent world, there is no excuse for using loaded weapons in their demonstrations. Not even blanks are acceptable in the close quarter drills they engage in. We had a deputy reserve in training place his blank loaded revolver against a trainers side. Not realizing the vest did not protect him there the reserve pulled the trigger three times. The blanks injured the deputy enough to require a two day stay in the hospital and two weeks off. Never use live rounds nor even blanks in one-on-one training matter how macho you think you are. They will probably get more and more bold as they repeat this without an injury until there is one failure. And that is all it takes.

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