In the blink of an eye…

This is not a video for the squeamish as we will see a man shot to death. The deceased is James Bushey of Elkhart, Texas. The body camera footage we are seeing here comes from Sergeant Gabriel Green’s point of view of the incident in which Sgt. Green and his partner, Officer Kaylynn Griffin went to detain and arrest Bushey for shoplifting at a nearby Walmart.

The initial contact with Bushey is relatively calm. Green even has his back to Bushey as they walk through the restaurant. Once outside however, things go from calm to downright deadly in less than two seconds as Bushey produces a pistol from his pocket. The officers wrestle with him for a second but, Bushey breaks away and turns toward the officers again, gun in hand. Green and Griffin fire multiple shots at Bushey who turns away to run after Green and Griffin started firing. The officers fire until Bushey hits the ground, rolls over, and stops moving.

The “good news” in this is there’s no racial angle to be played here. So the media never really picked up on it and we get to examine what happens purely on the facts without the usual political/racial noise. There are some folks who will argue these officers are bad cops because they didn’t wrestle the gun away from Bushey and avoid the shooting entirely. And if you’ll notice that Bushey takes a few rounds to the back (or at least the rounds are fired while he’s facing away from Green and Griffin).

The reality is, there is no such thing as a “textbook” shooting. The “gun” turned out to be a “BB gun.” You’re lying to yourself it you think you knew that from the video alone. The whole shooting occurs in less than 8 seconds with at least 12 rounds fired in the course of four seconds. It is even more frightening from Griffin’s camera footage as she momentarily is looking down the barrel of a gun. Real life is ugly and you may not have as much time as you think.


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  1. Interesting reaction from the female officer. She is yelling “GUN” but pulls her Taser first then her pistol. I wonder if she re-holstered it or dumped it before she pulled her pistol.

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