For Sale: Fully Operational Main Battle Tank with 120mm Live Cannon


This armored tank is fully functional. The 2 engines both run great and have low hours on them. It comes with a NEW backup main engine. The turret is fully operational and the stablization system works; it is controlled via a joystick. The main gun is registered as a Destructive Device with the ATF and comes with 10 projectiles. More projectiles are available. The barrel is in excellent condition and has never been molested. It has a factory laser range finder. Also included is the hydrolic mine plow and infrared spotlight. The intercom system works as does the NBC filtration.

Source: ARMSLIST – For Sale: Fully Operational Main Battle Tank with 120mm Live Cannon

There are days that I am glad I am not rich. Temptation would surely get the better of me. For less than the cost of a Ferrari, I’d just have to have this as the ultimate commuter vehicle. Perfect for rush hour traffic in Houston. No need to be concerned with roads, traffic jams, or even road rage. You can roll over it all with a wonderfully plush Horstmann suspension and over a foot of ground clearance. Cars, trucks, trees, houses…All just minor speed bumps. And if you come across some idiot suffing from a bad case of the Mondays who decides to rage, what is he going to do? Shoot you? You’ll have the ultimate answer for that too…The main gun on this thing actually works! Transferable and registered as a destructive device! And they’ll even throw in 10 projectiles! If the other guy has anything short of an RPG or TOW missile handy, you win by default. Of course, the Chieftain is British so remember that it’s not leaving a puddle or otherwise leaking, you’re probably out of oil, coolant, hydraulic fluid, fuel or all of the above. Plan accordingly.



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