GOTR20151011 Podcast

What can we say guys? The men, the myth, the legend finally returned to the studio this week after a month of life just getting in the way. It’s just not fair. Jason experienced a new level of cop hate he hadn’t seen before at the House of Blues in Houston. Jeff got married and ran off to the Bahamas. And Gary, well, Gary’s just been hard at work earning a pay check for the last few weeks. All that said, we managed to bang out another episode covering stupid shooters, the Trijicon MRO, Campus Carry, and other issues this week.


One thought on “GOTR20151011 Podcast

  1. Loved the HOB discussion.

    In that part: What was the relevance of the point about a blade under 3 inches [“for this venue”]? I thought Texas law covered up to 5.5 inches and, 46.02 does not apply if you are carrying a firearm and your CHL.

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