Liberal media salivates over new poll showing increased support for stricter gun sales…

…the poll was conducted on the heels of the latest mass-shooting on a college campus. Whether the results will look the same six months or a year from now is anybody’s guess.

Source: Public support for gun restriction grows, passes 50% mark | MSNBC

It seems it was just a few years the claim was “90-percent.” Now they are celebrating a single poll, taken days after the shooting in Oregon while the media was practically celebrating the deaths of the students. And it’s a whopping 55-percent. A majority to be sure but, it begs the question of whether or not those polled even understood the laws currently on the books as so many the statements by anti-gun politicians regarding the purchase of firearms are so blatantly false such as the President’s claim that it’s easier to buy a gun than to buy a book in Chicago. Clearly, the President has never attempted to purchase either item in Chicago or anywhere else if he’s making such a statement.


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