Banning Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List May Not Be Constitutional, Experts Say | TIME

“…while the idea of “no fly, no gun” has found growing support following the mass shooting in San Bernardino last week, including that of President Obama, experts say such a policy may be unconstitutional.”

Source: Banning Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List May Not Be Constitutional, Experts Say | TIME

Can we file this under, “No shit Sherlock…”?

5 thoughts on “Banning Gun Sales to People on No-Fly List May Not Be Constitutional, Experts Say | TIME

  1. IRS discrimination against people based on their political position is unconstitutional.
    Refusing to enforce immigration laws is unconstitutional.
    Delivering guns to Mexican cartels is unconstitutional.
    Falsifying government records via unemployment figures is unconstitutional.
    Forcing people to buy health insurance is unconstitutional.
    Trading five known terrorists for one Army deserter is unconstitutional.
    Theft of government resources via bailouts is unconstitutional.
    Imminent domain seizure for private gain and political influence is unconstitutional.
    The entire federal tax code is unconstitutional.
    So what? Nobody gives a damn.

  2. The Bergdahl trade wasn’t unconstitutional, just profoundly incompetent. Still grounds for impeachment, but both command of the military during war and the ability to pardon are vested in the executive branch. The tax code is authorized by an express amendment, albeit one passed via deception, that simply needs to be repealed. The rest, amen, and there needs to be decent protesting against letting the other, strong party have the last word on interpreting this particular contract.

    • While “…preserve, protect and defend…” implies at least a tangential recognition of the obligation to restrain terrorists and punish deserters, the power of the chief executive to shred the duties of Article Two, Section One, Clause Eight is not sacrosanct in and of itself but rather through duplicitous means by men in black in spite of the will of the people no matter how subservient they may have become of late. There are some who would argue the 16th Amendment was never truly ratified.

  3. I wish someone would ask our Asshole in Chief how making it illegal for me to sell a firearm to a friend of relative will make the people in America any safer. He has RAD, Radical Asshole Disorder, and can’t tell his butthole from the Grand Canyon.

    I was trying to explain the “gun show loophole” to a coworker the other day. This is a very well educated, highly intelligent naturalized citizen from India. I told him this “gun show loophole” is a farce, something made up by the gun banners on the left to scare Low Information people like him. He thinks you can buy firearms at gun shows without background checks, so I challenged him to go do it. He deflected, saying he wouldn’t be caught dead at a gun show.

    I did not mention to him I have purchased probably half a dozen firearms at gun shows without having to get a background check. I already have one, I am licensed by the State of Texas to carry a firearm, so I have all that background check crap on file in Austin. No need to scare the little peckerhead any more than he already is. He thinks you have to be crazy to own guns. I say you are crazy if you don’t.

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