If you repeat a lie often enough…


This, folks, is a lie. Internet sales, at least all the legitimate sales sites, require that guns be shipped to/picked up from a valid FFL holder who must conduct a NICS check to transfer the gun two the recipient. There are limited exceptions to the NICS check such as those states where a license to carry meets the NICS standard. In those cases, the holder of a valid license (read, not a felon) can receive a firearm without a NICS check at the time of the transfer.

But as I mentioned in the previous post, the President’s proposals and executive orders are mostly smoke and mirrors. Either claiming to enforce something already on the books, as noted above. Or creating an environment in which the rules of the day may vary as to how one defines who is and is not “in the business of selling guns.”

I’ll give him this much, he deserves an Emmy for his role on television today. Tears. Trembling voice. And of course…It’s for the children. Claiming to want an open and free discourse while bashing any and all who disagree with him. Gun owners and the NRA are all evil and his world would be better off if none of us existed. As we enter the last year of your last term, Mr. President, I wish you well and I ask that you not let the door hit you on the way out.


2 thoughts on “If you repeat a lie often enough…

  1. The whole “gun show loophole” is crap to begin with. Super liberal coworker of mine started in on me today about buying guns at gun shows without a background check, so I challenged him to provide some evidence. I told him to go to a gun show and purchase a Ruger 10/22, said that was something he and his son could learn to shoot with. He nearly swallowed his tongue, then declined, saying he wouldn’t be caught dead at a gun show. As always, this dude deflects and makes excuses when I ask him to back up his big mouth when he starts spewing liberal crap.

    We go through this about once or twice a month. He spews crap and I call him on it, asking for evidence, and he always has an excuse. But he keeps trying to blow smoke up my ass. What is it they say about doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result 🙂

    I have actually purchased probably half a dozen guns at local shows, I never get checked. I am licensed by the State of Texas to carry a firearm, they got all that background stuff on file in Austin. It’s a beautiful thing.

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