Dave Spaulding offers some thoughts on current combative firearms training…It’s worth a read.

What the hell?! My thoughts on current combative firearms training

By Dave Spaulding

What is to follow will fire up a large number of people! So be it. I’ve been doing this a LONG time…longer than most and I know what I am talking about…and I am flabbergasted by what I see…

I have not paid much attention, in the past, to what is happening in the training industry…I probably should have. I spent the vast majority of my time training law enforcement officers and did not really take notice of what the legally armed citizen was doing. When I decided to start my own training company, I started to focus on what the armed citizen needed, but I was wrong. I should not have looked at what they WANTED. I didn’t take notice…I do now…
Before 9-11, there were just a few training institutions and about 10-12 traveling instructors…I got to them all and had a good handle on what was being taught. Then our country was attacked, two wars began and a large number of folks came out of the military and changed the training industry, I believe forever. Focus shifted from the concealed handgun to the M-4 carbine and if you were not former Special Ops you didn’t know shit. If you weren’t former Special Ops and wanted to instruct, no problem! You just act like you were/are.

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