Bungee Holster…No, we’re not kidding.

It’s a real product. The man believes in his product. I think he’s wrong but, we’re allowed differences of opinion. Having said this I can almost see value in this as an expedient method of “covert” carry. Would I use it? Buy it? Recommend it? Probably not. Make your own call.


5 thoughts on “Bungee Holster…No, we’re not kidding.

  1. This should be sold with all Taurus handguns.When the gun fails you could always use the bungee as a rubber band gun using your finger.

  2. Looking like a last resort holster or ya just not want anything better. I am not trying to be a gun snob, but I am not buying a product from a supposedly gun guru guy that either doesn’t know or just cannot correctly identify the difference between a firearms clip and or a magazine.

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