Opinion: Gun control is not the answer – CNN.com

Read that headline again. CNN.COM! And it really does read, “Opinion: Gun control is not the answer…”

LZ Granderson:lz-granderson-portrait-left-tease

  • We’re hearing more knee-jerk rhetoric about gun-control measures
  • …the folks spraying our cities with¬†bullets are not NRA members or even legal gun owners…
  • He says there’s not enough information about Navy Yard shootings to figure out solutions
  • More gun-control measures are unrealistic and won’t prevent the carnage, he says
  • Granderson: Many different factors lead to gun violence


I think the planet’s poles are shifting or something (Geek alert: they really are shifting, it’s normal, and it’s happened before but, that’s another story). But seriously, we had the Colorado recalls last week, an earlier article/blog at ABC-Yahoo News and now this, “Gun control is not the answer” by LZ Granderson of CNN…of all people. Nearly everything I’ve ever read from this man (and CNN in general) led me to believe he and nearly every else at CNN would let the President tea bag then given the chance. That’s not really a joke, I think this guy really would do go for it. All that aside, I have simply discounted all liberals and Democrats as being emotional, anti-gun, illogical, windbags. ¬†Like many others, I usually don’t even look at CNN but, in an effort to know what the enemy is saying about current events, they remain in my news feed. Imagine my surprise then when, “Gun control is not the answer” popped up in the feed and it wasn’t from any of the usual sources. My interest was piqued. I had to follow the link. An admitted liberal who seemingly had nothing but praise for all things liberal was suddenly showing what appeared to be logic and reason. Read it for yourself. You might be surprised.


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