Kommiefornia is at it again…


Yet another dog and pony show, I mean, gun buyback program to waste tax dollars in an already bankrupt state. LA’s mayor is celebrating the fact his administration spent at least $160,000 buying 1600, mostly junk, firearms from local residents. Let me assure you, there wasn’t a single gang-banger in the bunch!  As is always the case with these programs, all it serves to do is convince sheep that their elected shepherd is doing something to keep the wolves at bay. Meanwhile, us non-grasseaters are told we need to be more like the sheep and trust the shepherds who only care to fleece us or take us to slaughter for their own benefit.

One entertaining tidbit from this latest ripoff is that the LAPD is proudly displaying what looks like an AT4 launcher.  There has never been a time in modern history that you could walk to your local Walmart, Academy, or any other store to buy one of these items, let alone the cartridges it fires.  And the only common sources for such things on the street in this country are our own military allowing someone to walk off post with it or the BATFE giving away more than just guns to the Mexican cartels.  No amount of new gun control laws or crack downs are going to save the public from our own government mishandling stuff like this.

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