Ish Just Got Real as some might say.

Don’t be surprised if you haven’t seen this mentioned in mainstream media…They approve of almost anything and everything Democrats do, including selling the entire US population into slavery for the benefit of big insurance firms by calling it health care reform.  But we’ve also heard both the President and Attorney General of the United States go on record saying they could envision ways of getting around the Constitution to enact and enforce stricter gun laws.  Obama and Holder are not alone in their desire to get around the Constitution. See the except below:

 “…a group of anti-gun members of the U.S. House of Representatives, led by U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-Ariz.), went so far as to circulate a letter last week to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, in which they “strongly urge the United States to take a leadership role in pushing for a strong, verifiable Arms Trade Treaty.”

These House members insist that the treaty include “controls on a comprehensive list of weaponry, including small arms and light weapons,” as well as controls on ammunition. For good measure, they wrap their unconstitutional demands in the mantle of advancing “human rights” and preventing international violence.

Don’t you dare think these people give a rats butt about SCOTUS rulings stating that the Constitution does indeed guarantee an individual right to keep and bear arms.  After years of courts ruling in their favor, suddenly, that decision was a politically motivated ruling by activists judges and in their minds, invalid.  They support the Bill of Rights only up to the point it furthers their own agenda.  The minute those right apply to a view point other than their own, they’ll go out of their way to try to alienate those rights for the people who don’t share their own point of view.


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