2 thoughts on “19 August 2012 Episode

  1. Hey Gary,
    What was the handgun safe you mentioned on the show?

    The purchasing of the ammo story, was I think, explained fairly well by the NRA recently. They dismissed it as conspiracy related. Lots of other things more important.

  2. Chris,

    I think Cannon might have discontinued the model I was thinking of but, I’ve found an entire line of similar safes using a Simplex style lock from a company called V-Line Industries. (You can find them at http://www.vlineind.com ). There “compact” model is similar to the Cannon unit I was thinking of but, about half the price at $150 in the current Cabela’s catalog. Another similar model is the AmSec model PB2 ( http://www.amsecusa.com/Gun_Safes/Handgun_Safes/ ) which typically sells for $150 or less. I think FortKnox might also have a similar model.

    Keep in mind that these lock box/safes are primarily intended to keep your kid or an unauthorized guest from reaching the gun. If you’re trying to prevent a burglar or other criminal from taking the gun, you need to invest in a true, UL listed residential security container like those sold by SafesRUs (http://www.gunsafeshouston.com/) or Lone Star Gun Safes (http://lonestargunsafes.com/). If you go the latter route, plan on buying something bigger than you think you need because as soon as you put all your guns in it, you’ll realize you need a bigger safe. My only other advice here is that a 750lb safe is not nearly as heavy as it sounds…I brought my first one home, unloaded it from my truck, moved it and bolted it down all by myself. The next safe weighed 2100lbs…Whoever takes it or cuts it open will have to work for it.


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