23 thoughts on “Taurus Admits They Suck, Pledges to Build Better Guns!

    • Mr. Diaz— I am interested in speaking with any owners of TAURUS’ Millennium or 24/7 polymer series. If you own any of these weapons may I please speak with you briefly? Thanks.

      • I sent my Millennium Pro PT-145 back for repair due to the recall/lawsuit. They have had my weapon since SEPTEMBER, and have never attempted to contact me. The status for the weapon shows as “Repair Completed” and has since DECEMBER.

        After many calls (being put on hold for as long as 90 minutes, and disconnected frequently) I finally got a hold of a service rep who told me that the weapon had to be REPLACED, and the PT-145 was no longer being produced. I had to pick a new weapon and a dealer to receive it.

        That was ONE MONTH AGO, I am still waiting. After NUMEROUS calls (again with 90+ minute wait) I was told that the replacement weapons are all on backorder and have an undetermined delivery date (I was told 4 to 6 MONTHS!).

        I asked if Taurus is still shipping new pistols to distributors and dealers, and if so, why aren’t they replacing the defective pistols that they ALREADY SOLD TO US?

        This is my THIRD Taurus, and ALL THREE had to go back to the factory MULTIPLE TIMES (for the same problems). Each time communication was poor, and the repairs took 4 to 6 months (and was usually NOT done correctly).

        • They do not have a clue. I ordered a 24/7 g2 compact .45 Stainless 4 months ago from my local gun shop and NO BODY has a clue when they will start shipping again. The head of Customer Service said maybe in August the will start shipping….MAYBE…FORGET ABOUT IT. I BOUGHT A GLOCK 30s

  1. A lot of good that does me, I bought a Taurus once; it’s a piece of crap. As soon as I verify that it’s legal in my state, I’m going to cut the frame in half and throw it in the trash. I’ve made it my life’s work to warn prospective Taurus customers that if they will be purchasing nothing more than a glorified paper weight.

    • Dear Gun Man— Mr. Diaz— I am interested in speaking with any owners of TAURUS’ Millennium or 24/7 polymer series. If you own any of these weapons may I please speak with you briefly? Thanks.

  2. Gun Man, I wish you would have warned me. I have owed a Taurus for 4 months now and it has been at the Taurus repair for 3 of the 4 months. The Customer support is terrible and I wish I had never walked into Academy and purchased a Taurus 709 Slim. Total waste of my time money and just frustrating as can be.

    I too have made it my mission to warn people to steer clear of Taurus. At this point I am sure I have cost them at least a few sales and saved my fellow CC friends some heartache…SO CARRY ON!!! as Taurus would say just not with a Taurus what a piece of junk.

    • Dear Mr. Pierce— I am interested in speaking with any owners of TAURUS’ Millennium or 24/7 polymer series. If you own any of these weapons may I please speak with you briefly? Thanks.

      • Paul,
        I have a Taurus millennium Pro 45 acp. The guide rod broke and I thought about making a new one. I finally decided to send it to Taurus . Big mistake. They received it on 7-31-15. deemed it un repairable and let me choose from 3 different guns. I chose the one most similar to the one I had sent in. It’s been 6 months. Numerous phone calls, lots of time on hold, several different stories. Bottom line still no gun. I don’t at this point think I will ever get a gun from them.

  3. You get what you pay for there are some items that are American made that we build better that most One being handguns. Were the stories originated about being made on Smith & Wesson machery started I,d loike to know. Their quality ranges from bad to worse leaving honest dealers to deal with the aftermath or returned and damaged products. My answer to a potentional buyer is buy a used one it has been back to the factory at leat once or twice to correct its issues. Thier are better guns for less and I would sooner have a used qualty gun than a new piece of @#$%&^$.

  4. I have a Taurus 357 mag titanium. Within the first hundred rounds the firing pin failed. I sent in in for repair and after about another 100 rounds the cylinder fall out. I am sending it back again for repair. Last Tauras I will ever own.

    • Hi Rob— I am interested in speaking with any owners of TAURUS’ Millennium or 24/7 polymer series— this is in regard to allegations of a drop-fire effect. If you own any of these TAURUS model weapons may I please speak with you briefly? Thanks. Paul,

  5. Taurus suck big donky, I just bought a Taurus judge mag, took it to the range took 2 shots and it locked up like a well diggers ass, sent it to the factory 6 weeks ago,
    the factory is only 70miles from me, and still don’t have my gun back, 500.00 bucks waisted. please no one buy these guns, if they broke and they fixed them that would be ok, but once they have your cash they don’t give a shit about you, 8 weeks to fix a gun is crazy, I think a class action lawsuit needs to be made, if you want a good weapon get a glock or a s&w. or a ruger

    • 8 weeks? That’s nothing. When I sent my TCP-738 back (slide seized and magazine release failed to retain magazines) it took SIX MONTHS to get the weapon back. Because they replaced, rather than repaired the weapon, I had to go through all the hassles of finding an FFL to receive it.

      September 2015 I sent my PT-145 back due to the recall (fires when dropped). The status shows as “Repair Completed” since DECEMBER, but nobody from Taurus has had the courtesy to contact me. After MANY calls, waiting OVER 90 minutes, they told me it would be replaced… IN 4 TO 6 MONTHS!!


  6. I just paid 550.00 for a pt92 af, or is it? Hmm, cant tell. All the research i do tells me i bought a 20 year old 92b-17 which sell for 350.00 NIB. Mags dont lock into magwell, lots of slop going on. Im pissed. That 500.00 damn dollars. Do i have an alloy frame? I dunno. What does taurus consider alloy?. I will be giving this junk away and maybe in 6 months i will buy a real gun.
    Taurus sucks.

  7. Had 3 taurus pt809, judge, and Taurus 357 seven shot cylinder. The 357 worked for a couple hundred rounds. Then the cylinder fell open after I shot it one day and I realized all the Taurus stories are true. Sold them all dirt cheap to get rid of them. Never will buy one again.

  8. In Jan 2013, I purchased the 380 Mini revolver. It was the worst firearms purchase of my life! The trigger is horrible. But more than that, the cylinder would jam at least 3-4 times out of every 50 rounds. To free the jam the cylinder had to be rotated manually, as the trigger cannot be depressed once the cylinder jammed. This is a terrible situation for a firearm intended for concealed carry! Since that time I tried cleaning, polishing and working in the revolver. After running several hundred rounds through the revolver, the jamming (and trigger) never improved so this year I sent the revolver back to Taurus for a warranty repair.

    Taurus customer service is horrendous. First, I had to ship the revolver back to them at my expense. Next, while their on-line tracking system acknowledged receipt of the revolver, the status never progressed past under review. So after 3 months, I called Taurus. I was informed that the revolver was unrepairable because the frame had been improperly drilled with some of the holes (including the one for the firing pin) misaligned. Taurus offered to ship a replacement revolver to an FFL but the catch is that I’d be responsible for the FFL fees. This presented a problem for me as the FFL fees for handguns is expensive in my home state of Maryland as a result of legislative changes that went into effect in Oct 2013. Without going into all of the details, it would cost me about $200 to receive the handgun from an FFL because I do not have the Maryland handgun purchasing license. I tried explaining this to Taurus and asked if they could either send the replacement revolver directly to me, which is permitted under Maryland law (I even gave them a link to the state police website), or provide a refund. Taurus refused and referred me to their policy on their website.

    Two points are noteworthy: 1) It is unknown how wide-spread this the problem is. All I know is that my revolver was manufactured incorrectly and Taurus’ quality control did not detect the problem. Taurus is returning my revolver with a letter saying that it is “unsafe”. I do not know how many other “unsafe” Taurus revolvers are out there but Taurus seems to be in no hurry to warn its customers. 2) Taurus is hiding behind its company policy (posted on the website) to explain the fact that their remedy for the unsafe revolver would result in extensive charges to their customer. The fact that Taurus’ sloppy manufacturing and poor quality control resulted in a unsafe firearm being delivered to their customer and the fact that the customer had this unsafe firearm for 2 years does not seem to bother the company.

    As a result, I cannot recommend the 380 mini revolver and advise against having any dealings with Taurus.

    • This is a regular problem with Taurus firearms. Their Gen 1 Millennium Pro pistols are being recalled due to the fact they can FIRE WHEN DROPPED WITH THE SAFETY ON. They’ve had my weapon for more than SEVEN months, and I have to go to a dealer to receive a new weapon, which won’t be shipped for 4 TO 6 MORE MONTHS!

  9. at one time back in the late 80’s early 90’s I had a Taurus 92c. it was a great gun. never missed, never jammed, great groupings. we had kids and the wife didn’t want a gun in the house because of them. so I let the gun go. happy wife, happy life.

    kids are grown and I now have several different firearms in my home and the wife is fine with it. back in Feb I purchased a brand new Taurus 1911 in 9mm, fit my hand real nice, perfect weight. took it to the range the first time and ran 9 clips thru the gun. had failure to eject problems with each clip, ranged anywhere from one round to eight. called Taurus up they said sure we will fix that, sent me the shipping label, sent the gun to them and 6 weeks later I got the gun back on a Friday.

    went back to the range on Sunday, and it shot great, just like my old 92c. I was hitting 3 to 4 in grouping every clip, on the second time out with the gun. I was impressed. right up until I set the gun down on the bench and started shooting some of my other guns. we got done and started packing everything away and when I pickup my brand new Taurus 1911 fresh back from the factory, the safety fell out on the bench. WTF… I was looking at it and the back strap dove tail started to come out also. I placed the safety back into it to hold every thing together, and again call customer service.

    So I ship the gun back to them 4 weeks ago, I was so pissed about this I even wrote a letter to the CEO of Taurus about this and never received a response from him. I called customer service to see what the status is at about week 2 and they said the gun smith was working on it, and I never heard from them again. 2 days ago I received an email from FedEx saying they were delivering a package that need someone to sign for. I check the web site and it said it was shipped, but I never got an email from them this time. then yesterday when the gun should have arrived, it didn’t because Taurus left one number off my address. now I get to drive 45 min one way to go pick up my gun from the FedEx site because they can not change the address on the package.

    Did they do this on purpose? the had the address right the first time…
    How can I trust this gun for the safety of my home?
    How can I recommend to any of my friends to purchase a Taurus?
    at this point, I can’t and won’t…

  10. Sent my “recalled” Taurus PT145 back 3 months ago under terms of CarterTaurus Settlement. Contacted them via chat since they never answer their phones, was told over chat that the time frame for return/replacement is INDEFINITE. Who ever heard of that? Sounds like Taurus is trying to run out the clock then go bankrupt and keep all the guns that were sent back. When I told the chat bot to just send my gun back, they replied it would be sent with a letter stating it was unsafe to use! LOL they are sending dangerous guns back to put back into circulation knowing they are unsafe! What a crummy company. TAURUS SUCKS! Doubt I will ever get anything back from these Brazilian frauds.

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