The James Yeager video the leftist media won’t show…


As we said before, posting/uploading stuff to the Internet, is like launching a bullet…Once it’s out there, you can’t take it back.  You have to deal with the consequences.  To his credit, Yeager owns up to his statements in this video but, more importantly, there’s solid advice on what we ALL need to be doing right now.  We should all be prepared for the worst and recognize that we may be living in interesting times very soon.  But at this moment; as we have long said, what is needed more than anything else is the is getting politically active with your elected officials.  Ring their phones off the hook, flood their mailboxes and email but, be respectful and speak/write as if you’ve actually got an education rather than screaming or typing in all caps a knuckle-dragging, trigger-jerking, mouth-breathing, mullet-head.


One thought on “The James Yeager video the leftist media won’t show…

  1. We also have to remember that we are working with/against a group of people that have the highest percentage of double standards we have witnessed in our lifetime…that is if you were born after 1945.

    Unless you are beside the likes of Hoffa Jr., Trumpka,Jackson,Sharpton, etc. we have to choose our words and actions carefully but still be able to make our point.
    “The second amendment “is not” a part of a living document.”

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