Sensible Words falling on Deaf Ears…

Newtown Gun Group Pres: ‘We Are Not the Evildoers’ – Yahoo! News.

“Who among us has not been moved by the unspeakable tragedy that was inflicted by a deranged man upon the children of Newtown, Connecticut, our very home at the NSSF?…” “…What can possibly heal the wounds, silence the anguished outcries, and make rational discourse on such a heartfelt topic occur?” – Steve Sanetti

I think all gun owners feel the same way. We are all revolted by the actions of those who visit evil on our families, especially the most innocent among us.  It is unfortunate that we are attacked out of the actions of people we do not count among our own.  We and the tools we own/use are vilified while those responsible are made into celebrities, setting the stage for the next monster to grab his 15 minutes of fame/infamy.  What is sickening is to hear a President who has, through his roll as Commander in Chief, killed more children with drone strikes than have ever been killed in these attacks, ask US to examine our conscience as if to suggest we are the ones lacking in moral fiber.


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  1. I agree with you. The principal heard a nose and went to check what was happening. She saw the shooter enter the building through a window. She was killed trying to take the gun away from the shooter. None of the children would have been killed of she had a gun to protect herself and the children.


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