The Next American Civil War

The Next American Civil War.

Above is a link to an interesting article brought to our attention by a GOTR listener and friend.  Dear God, I hope the author is wrong but, the fact is, he’s so right it’s scary. I realize I’m preaching to the choir but, there are a bunch of liberals who need to read this and truly understand it.  There are at least 50 million, possibly over 100 million people who will not simply lay down their arms in the name of all that is fluffy and smells of kittens and roses.

– Gary

3 thoughts on “The Next American Civil War

  1. Of all the states, I think Texas may have the greatest potential for self-sufficiency. Is it time to bring back the Republic of Texas? The next pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment gathering could be, instead of Austin, maybe in Gonzales. Start again with the Come and Take It flag and what it stood for.

  2. An author says Obama is firing military leaders who will not fire on US citizens I heard of and found an article about government agencies arming up, and when I called Senator Ted Cruz office, the girl I talked with confirmed it. The Feinstein bill exempts government agents Put this together and it looks like we need to be thinking tactics. I don’t want this. I have been tweeting over and over for people to call Congress at 202-224-3121 and get their Representative and Senators to blow this open and get it stopped, but I have had a lukewarm response. I hope I don’t seem paranoid. That’s why I didn’t call in with this.

    • Remember, just because you’re paranoid that doesn’t mean they’re not out to get you. Now if you fly your Come And Get It flag…they just might, and prying it out of your cold, dead hand may become SOP.

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