A battle has been won for now but, the war rages on…

Assault weapons ban wont be in Dems gun bill – Yahoo! News.

Diane Feinstein’s nose has been bloodied.  Her proposed ban has been dropped from the bill going to the Senate.  However, it could still be revived as an amendment to bills that do go forward which include “universal” background checks and possible attempts at a national gun registry. As a community, we still need to keep up the pressure on Congress and our respective state legislatures.


2 thoughts on “A battle has been won for now but, the war rages on…

  1. OK, by now we all know the AWB is done–as a standalone bill, although it will likely reappear as an amendment to another bill. Meanwhile, the leaders of many third world toilets and collapsing Eurotrash nations are still determined to disarm Americans. It’s not enough that 95% of money, men, materiel—and dying—in their various police actions, are American. They want to be sure we don’t individually defend ourselves from the criminals on our streets, in government, or goose-stepping in blue helmets.

    The U.N. Arms Treaty is back. Kerry is there in place of Clinton, but the agenda is the same. Read this article and be afraid…be very afraid. There may be a blue helmet at your door to collect your weapons one day soon.


    It’s time to get out of the U.N. and get the U.N. out of America!

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