California lawmakers pass new semi-automatic weapons ban | Fox News

Not really a surprise that the land of fruits, nuts, and flakes would pass YET ANOTHER law banning gun ownership or otherwise making the process of exercising such a right so expensive and onerous as to provide significant incentive to either leave the state or give up the right entirely.

“…AB500, which passed the Assembly, would require gun owners to safely store weapons when they live with someone who cannot own a weapon because of mental illness or a criminal record.

The Assembly also gave final approval Tuesday to AB1131, which would prevent people who convey a serious threat of violence to a licensed therapist from owning a gun for five years…” See the full article HERE

While a part of me likes that they actually made an attempt to deal with the mental illness issue, I have a problem with the idea that one person can take away the rights of another individual.  It’s not that I don’t trust doctors (OK, I don’t) but, there are a number of “professionals” who cannot separate their politics from the job they are supposed to do.

As an example, my own sister is in fact, a licensed psychiatrist. We are separated in age by over 14 years and may as well have grown up with entirely different parents in totally different worlds. Conversations I’ve had with her over the years lead me to believe that she thinks just about anyone who owns or wants to own a gun conveys a serious threat of violence. At the same time, she also advocates for anyone wanting to buy a gun to go through a psychiatric evaluation. If I already know you think anyone who owns or want to own a gun conveys a serious threat of violence, what’s the point in bothering with a psychiatric evaluation? Folks; one of us is crazy, the other one is NOT a licensed psychiatrist.


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