9 February 2014 Podcast

9 February 2014 podcast is up!

2 thoughts on “9 February 2014 Podcast

  1. First off great show!

    As far as the Boberg it is an interesting piece. For the slide stop, I am not sure it would do any good. The slide does not strip the round off the top of the mag and push it into the chamber. The reward motion of the slide is what actually pulls the round out of the mag. Racking the slide (back and forth) is required to chamber a round, not just the forward motion of sending the slide home.

  2. Thanks, Britt.

    Jeff and I are of differing opinions on the Boberg but, your assessment of it’s method of operation is spot on. Jeff likes it but, I less enthusiastic. The basic concept works well in many belt-fed machine guns BUT, there’s a great deal more room and time in which to accomplish the process with much beefier components involved…The M2 (Ma Deuce), 50-cal Browning Machine Gun comes to mind comes to mind. There just seem to be too many small/fragile parts that are moving in this gun and $1100 or more seems to be a lot of money to pay for a gun than is carried more than it’s shot. Time will tell. I’m hoping to make it out to Shiloh to try it again myself.


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