GOTR20870429 Podcast

Yes, we know…It’s been a llllooonnnnggg time coming. Life got in the way. We’ve got real jobs and families like the rest of you and this thing we do for fun had to take a back seat for a while. We’ll try our best not to let this be the pattern but, adulthood is a trap! We had a great time getting the gang back together and even had a surprise guest. Hope you enjoy the first (not the last) podcast of 2018.

GOTR20170917 Podcast

First post Harvey/Irma show. All of us made it through the storm OK, thankfully. Parts of Texas and Florida had a very different experience from most of Houston. Jason spent some time helping with recovery in both locations and learned some useful lessons along the way. We also got a little trigger time with Silencer Co’s Maxim 9 pistol.

GOTR20170813 Podcast

We just can’t seem to get away from talking about Sig’s P320. Jeff felt the need to issue a retraction regarding our comments on the controversy surrounding the gun. And this week, Zack Weisenburger of Operator Coffee also joined us in the closet. The result is a 4-way that probably left a mark on Jason’s pride.

GOTR20170806 Podcast

This week has been busy. We actually didn’t cover everything we’d planned to discuss. Sig’s P320 continues to end up in the headlines of the gun world. This week, it actually got some bad press, or as some might call it, “fake news.” Jason’s curiosity got the best of him and squirreled all of us while recording. That and more on this week’s podcast

GOTR20170723 Podcast

This week, Jeff experienced a surprise break heard around the world! And if you don’t think we gave him enough ribbing for it during the podcast, we wish you could hear the stuff said “off air.” Here’s a fact. We may not all have a negligent discharge but, we are certainly all capable of it. Complacency will be your undoing. The minute you think you are infallible or incapable of making a mistake is usually the exact moment it happens.