Surge in luxury shooting ranges caters to new gun culture – Yahoo News

Take note Elmer Fudd — this is definitely not your granddaddy’s good ol’ boy retreat.

via Surge in luxury shooting ranges caters to new gun culture – Yahoo News.


Houston is seeing its own attempts at the luxury shooting range with varying degrees of success. In predictable fashion, the Violence Policy Center demonizes these ventures, likening them to strip clubs and saying it’s nothing like turning such things into “gentlemen’s clubs.”  Now if ever there was a reference to polishing a turd, that would have to be it.  The VPC also claims gun ownership is declining…Guess they missed the last 18 months of sales or the plethora of new gun ranges that seem to be popping up around the country.

The spread of these new generation ranges that make shooting into an experience that appeals to a broader group than the hard core gunner, particularly women, will likely grow the industry considerably going forward. It’s clear when you look at these new ranges, it’s clear they are aware women are not fond of going to dark, dingy places on back alleys. Women aren’t necessarily just pretty eye-candy at the checkout counter…They are increasingly part of the knowledgeable sales staff too.  This is a good thing and it seems the future for our industry may be getting brighter in spite of those who would rather it didn’t exist.


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  1. Gary,
    My wife at 60yoa has a rekindled interest in shooting so she got her CHL a few years ago and likes to head out once a month to sharpen her skills. The problem is exactly as you say. She doesn’t like the dingy places and she doesn’t like the heat and humidity of outdoor ranges in the summer. These clubs might be fancy and high dollar, but just as we need to drop the political partisan rants when it comes to guns and not care if we are republican or democrat at the range, we need to accept the snooty as well. Every shooter is one more to support the cause.

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