Officers fear body cameras raise privacy concerns

“…some rank-and-file officers are worried the technology might ultimately be used to derail their careers if, for example, an errant comment about a superior is captured on tape.”

via Officers fear body cameras raise privacy concerns.

I find this funny as cops and cop administrators are usually the ones who would put a camera in your bedroom given the chance.  And they are most often quoted saying, “if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to hide.” And yet these officers cannot see the hypocrisy of their position let alone understand that they have no legal leg on which to stand.

While you are on duty, you have NO REASONABLE EXPECTATION OF PRIVACY. You are a public servant and everything you do while doing that job is and should be subject to review.  If your agency wants to put a GPS tracker and camera in your agency owned vehicle or even on your person while you’re on duty, that’s the cost being a cop. Years ago, the same fears were raised and discussions had with the advent of dash cams.  The only guys who had anything to fear were the idiots violating department policy and the law. Again, if you’re not screwing up, you’ve got nothing to hide. Don’t like it? Turn in your badge and return to civilian life.


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