Off-duty Houston firefighter shot dead by neighbor – CBS News

“No one did anything wrong. It was just a confluence of events that provoked a tragedy,” 0Parker said. “My understanding is that the firefighter, off-duty, had been out. He did what he was supposed to do: He took a cab ride home, got dropped off in the wrong place and wasn’t aware of it. [He] tried to get into what he thought was his house and was tragically shot.”

via Off-duty Houston firefighter shot dead by neighbor – CBS News.


I’m actually rather impressed that Houston’s mayor, or any liberal Democrat, is actually capable of taking this stance on such things. Of course, they nearly all make exceptions when it’s actually their own home. Anyone else needs to be a good victim.

All the political BS aside, it is indeed a tragedy.  There will be those who scream “murder!” because they believe she should have called 911 and waited until he was in her home and sobered up to do anything about it. After all, he didn’t mean to harm anyone one.  But, how many home invasions, robberies, rapes, and murders start under seemingly identical circumstances for the poor woman whose home he tried to enter? Is she supposed to assume all the risks and just see what happens once he’s in?


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