Buckets of stupid all around

It is often better to just be a good witness. Seriously, there is little benefit to be had by inserting yourself into a situation you otherwise have nothing to do with. As the saying goes, not my circus, not my monkeys.

Marwin Al-Aloosi, an Uber driver who recently immigrated from Iraq, had just picked up an unidentified passenger a Dallas-area apartment complex around 1 a.m. The passenger had a handgun in a case. Al-Aloosi and the passenger struck up a conversation about guns and Al-Aloosi wanted to take a selfie with the gun in hand.

Enter Don Quixote, I mean, John Mark Beaty. Beaty sees Al-Aloosi with a gun in hand it seemed obvious to Beaty that Al-Aloosi was an immediate theat. So the best thing he could do right then was shoot Al-Aloosi until he dropped the gun. Fifteen rounds later, Beaty apparently realized he’d had a serious error in judgement and began treating Al-Aloosi’s wounds until emergency responders arrived.

Lesson learned here? It is often far better to simply be a good witness. Not all you see is necessarily what it seems. You can honestly believe you’re doing everything “right” and still be dead wrong. Being an armed citizen (licensed or not) does not create a duty to right every wrong or get into every shitstorm you think you see. If Beaty is lucky, his lawyers will convince a jury that he acted reasonably given the totality of the circumstances. At the moment, it looks like his lawyers have a very hard job ahead of them. Choose wisely folks.


Franklin County couple injured after woman’s Glock goes off in purse – Roanoke Times: News

The headline of a couple being shot by a woman’s Glock that just “went off” in her purse has been circling the Interwebs and inspiring commentary from anti-gunners and old fogies alike. Of course, they all see it as an opportunity to denigrate Glocks or carrying a round in the chamger. But Glocks aren’t the problem here. Much like the woman who shot herself “while adjusting her bra,” it’s a problem of negligence, not a bad choice in guns. If you’re going to put a loaded gun in a purse, it needs to be secured in a holster, period.


Franklin County Sheriff’s Office officials say a woman was shot in both legs and her boyfriend shot through his hand after her gun went off in her purse Saturday afternoon.

Lt. Phillip Young said the woman’s Glock went off while the couple sat in a vehicle outside a residence in the 1400 block of Virgil H. Goode Highway in Bassett about 3:30 p.m. The man, who was in the driver’s seat, put a drink can in the woman’s purse before putting his hand on her leg .

“[The bullet] went through his hand, through one of her legs near the knee area and then hit her other knee,” Young said. “Her pocketbook was full of stuff. It’s hard to say what made it go off.”

[Read more] via Franklin County couple injured after woman’s Glock goes off in purse – Roanoke Times: News.

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo is now officially a gun-free zone!

In years past, the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo has been a largely peaceful, fun, annual event in Texas. And every year, the question of whether or not it was legal to carry on the grounds has come up. There was a time when the HLSR didn’t seem to have an official policy on the issue. The law however, was generally clear.

If one were to enter, for example, the bull or bronco riding events, you are obviously at a “professional sporting event” and it would be illegal to carry on the premises of the event in which that was occurring. But if you’re just attending the carnival outside that event, concealed carry technically isn’t an issue. But in 2011, there was a shooting between “teens” on the carnival grounds. and a movement to ban guns entirely from the event gained steam. Fast forward to 2015 and there are now metal detectors at all HLSR entrances.

Unfortunately, the event is still far from secure. What takes place cannot even remotely be called a “search” or even light screening. Anyone so inclined, could still walk-in with a blade or even a gun. Anyone who intends to do others harm, will still do so. And a sure sign that the HLSR isn’t what it used to be is the latest kerfuffle…A student’s artwork has been rejected because it merely contained the image of a gun. This, from an organization that allegedly prides itself on celebrating cowboys and Texas culture…You’d think it was the Austin Livestock Show and Rodeo or something!


Quanell X goes through use of force training…

Can’t wait to see this! Quanell X, like so many others, has run his mouth for years about what is and is not a justifiable use of force with no knowledge or experience on which to base his assumptions. We’ve seen another “activist” go through this recently and unsurprisingly, he found himself lighting folks up like the 4th of July. I strongly suspect Quanell will have a similar experience but, the question is, will he be honest about his experience and will it cause him to look at things differently?


Spoke too soon…Papa Johns still insists on defenseless employees.

“The safety of Papa John’s employees is a top priority for our company.

Company policy prohibits employees from utilizing firearms in the performance of their duties. We plan no changes to our current policy, which is designed to protect customers and employees.

Upon investigation and considering the specific facts of the situation, we have reassigned the employee to work in the store and are offering her counseling to help her recuperate from the incident.”

via Papa John’s Decides What They’re Going to Do About Female Driver Who Shot Robber in Self-Defense.

As one listener pointed out, it seems Papa Johns have done little more than taken the path of least resistance with respect to public relations. Firing the driver who saved herself from an armed robber, when her public defiance of their policy is the only reason she lived through the incident, would have created a PR nightmare. So they take the “easy” way out…For now.

Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Dominoes all have similar firearms policies with regard to the possession of firearms by customers and employees with the latter being forbidden. All citing “safety” as the reason for their policies. And all have had delivery drivers killed in robberies. All have previously fired drivers who survived specifically because they dis-obeyed company policy as happened in this latest incident. None can explain how their policies helped those who have been ribbed, injured, and/or killed while abiding by their policies. Yet they continue to insist on leaving defenseless, the employees who face the greatest risk. How much do you want to bet the CEOs of these firms all have armed protection details?