Paul Howe may soon retire from CSAT

howe_tactpistscreencapNoted trainer and former Delta Force operator, Paul Howe may be planning to retire from Combat Shooting & Tactics in the not too distant future. Howe founded CSAT shortly after retiring from the Army in 1999. His career dates back to the earliest days of Delta and some of his experiences were translated into the book and film, Blackhawk Down. He announced his intentions in his most recent newsletter.

“I will be 55 this year and don’t want to be a 60 year old running around in body armor tryingto keep up with 30 year olds.I am too long out of the arena.I like to think that from 40-55 isa good age to give back to those who helped teach you and thus bring up the next generation.”

Paul Howe via Combat Shooting & Tactics.


I’ve had the opportunity to train at CSAT under Paul’s direct tutelage and it is an experience I hold dear. They were hard days for everyone in the classes I attended. But they were especially hard for me. I was the “fat kid.” The “heavy drop,” as he called me and I really probably shouldn’t have been there given the shape I was in. But I managed to keep up and did it running a big .30 cal FAL the whole time the first time I was there. Granted, I was there with friends and mutual suffering makes almost anything possible. Still, I learned a lot about my own strengths and weaknesses in addition to a new understanding of the differences and overlaps between playing the game of USPSA and IDPA versus the real world in the days I spent training with him.

While there are/were schools with bigger names, there are/were none that provided better, more relevant training then or even now as far as I am concerned. Some fundamentals simply don’t change even if tactics do. Paul may feel it is time to retire but, if you read his newsletter, you’ll see that his commentary is still quite valid and that can’t be said for some better known trainers who are older and better known but, far less relevant. Folks, if you can, I strongly suggest to get into a CSAT class now to experience Howe’s wisdom and candor while you can.


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  1. A good post Gary. Thanks for sharing. Maybe you will tell a few stories about your experiences w/ CSAT.

  2. Oh no Paul, I had the opportunity to attend a c.sniper urban tactics course years back in Louisiana, super guy, and awesome trainer, always planned to getting out to Texas for more training, to those who attend will leave with real life knowledge and skills from a humble guy who has been there, so pay attention, and thank you Paul for Sharing with the LE Community .

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