15 June 2014 Podcast

The 15 June 2014 Podcast is up! We’d again like to thank Terry Holcomb, Executive Director of Texas Carry, for joining us in studio today. We learned quite a bit about the Open Carry movement that isn’t being covered by the mainstream media and unfortunately, has been lost (in part) through the actions of a few “liberty drunk” individuals. Do tune in next week as we’ll have none other than Charles Cotton of the Texas State Rifle Association to give another side of this discussion.


One thought on “15 June 2014 Podcast

  1. Thanks for your podcasts, it’s the only way I can listen to your program out here in the Lake Fork area.
    I enjoyed the discussion on open carry and was surprised to hear the opinions regarding the TSRA position. I don’t think they are against open carry as much as the methods being used to protest.
    Personally, I think the argument is focused of the wrong subject, “the right to open carry”. How about shifting the focus to “remove the existing infringement” instead of parading around with rifles on your back. Let’s show the public our purpose is to remove unconstitutional laws, not to run around looking like Rambo.
    I want the right to open carry as much as anyone but would never consider doing it in any way that could cause controversy… it’s just a matter of common courtesy.

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