Evolve promotes gun safety through dildos…

Yeah, you read it right the first time. Evolve, is a group the claims not to take a side in the gun-control issue. Instead, they claim to be only concerned with promoting safe practices among gun owners. And yesterday, they introduced their latest public service announcement, an ad using dildos to promote gun safety.

In their own video covering this latest PSA from Evolve, the group is noted by Huffington Post’s Christian Nilsson as an “anti-gun group.” Whether they are anti-gun or not, Evolve’s aim was to grab attention to the issue of leaving guns where kids could gain unsupervised or at least unintended access to guns at home. I’d say they succeeded. As most of us know, when it comes to most kids,”…if the find it, they’ll play with it.” Of course, you could also choose to train your kids!


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