In Memoriam: Louis Awerbuck

None of us a GOTR had the opportunity to train with Louis Awerbuck directly. Still, I’ve been in the gun business long enough to have seen and experienced his influence dating back to a time before some of today’s popular “young guns” were twinkles in their daddy’s eyes.  If you look up old school gunman, you’ll find a picture of Awerbuck among others.

Awerbuck was widely respected throughout the industry. He immigrated here from South Africa where he’d served in the 1 Special Services Battalion of the South African Defence Force. He was the real deal. Not just someone who taught mechanics of shooting but, why we do what we do and when to do it. He was a Range Master at Gunsite and later started the Yavapi Firearms Academy.

His passing was untimely to say the least. We’ll leave it at, we respect the way he lived…On his terms to the end.

– GM

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