29 June 2014 Podcast

Today’s podcast is up. Stay tuned to the website and FB page. Looks like we’re going to be launching a YouTube channel or possibly hosting videos directly from GunsOverTexasRadio.com


3 thoughts on “29 June 2014 Podcast

  1. Some thoughts/questions:
    The grip panels on the VP9 may be great. I however, do not see them as an asset as much as something else to get lost in the shuffle. Remember when dealing with the least common denominator: If it can be lost… it will be lost. The smaller the part the more likely this will happen. It is harder to lose a slide and frame (but not impossible) than the small panels. I have seen people lose their gas mask, 6 M16A2 mags, and shelter-half stakes, poles, and guide rope (in garrison before we even went to the field or deployment).

    The movement of a single trigger system between calibers as well as full, compact and subcompact for each caliber seems great. However, if something breaks in the trigger control group while training then you have 3 (or more) weapons down instead of 1. I am not sure how many times this would happen, but I will assume that it will happen more than on traditional weapons. The reason I assume this is because when something is removed it is exposed, and when exposed it is more easily dropped, or “worked on” and hence more easily broken. Is there enough data on the P250 platforms to counter my assumption?

    • Unfortunately, KSEV made a decision to make a change, moving re-runs of Michael Savage into our former time slot and cancelling our run with them. The timing wasn’t exactly convenient but, we are currently developing new podcasts for Red State Talk Radio. and plan to have new material up very soon.


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