Woman Found Beheaded In gun-free England…

A 25-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder after an 82-year-old woman was beheaded in broad daylight in a suburban back garden.

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The anti-gun movement currently focuses on the terms “gun-violence” and “gun-crime.” As if the underlying violence and crime will suddenly cease if guns didn’t exist. But here we have a worst case example of the fact violence and crime don’t go away because you’ve gotten rid of guns. In fact, crimes like these only serve to fan the flames of Britain’s current campaign against, you guessed it, knives. Yes, years after they’ve all but completely banned guns, crime and violence still exist in England.

There’s no point in denying the actual homicide rate in the US is higher than in the UK. That’s a well reported and verified fact. However; what’s less often reported is that in the US, you’re less likely to be a victim in the first place. Of course, in the face of that fact, you’ll find that some criminologists and most mainstream media outlets will argue that you can’t compare crime between the two countries.

They argue that comparisons can’t be made because the definition crimes such as rape, sexual assault, or aggravated assault often vary between countries and even individual agencies within the same country.  In fact, the very definition of any violent crime varies so much, they argue, that no apples to apples comparison can be made. Funny, those same folks have no problems making their own comparisons so long as they can say there is a higher rate of homicides “caused by guns.”


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  1. You folks there at Guns Over Texas and Shiloh that serve our country and state in your own way…, let’s make this one point clear and see what your radio audience thinks!

    In the Revolutionary War we fought against England to be different and we won that war. If crime is higher in America, it is a price we have to pay. Not for freedom, but for blind, hateful, liberalism, and for a weak-kneed judicial system which has thrown out the original constitution and replaced it with a watered down left wing liberal weak, sick form of what it was intended to be. In the 1960’s we started inviting the British back into America to take us over once again. Unless we start taking a stronger stand for the freedom our forefathers fought for; unless we tell those socialists who think you win by loving your enemy to death to shut up, to move over, and to watch how a country can be made strong again. Unless we can do those things we might as well start getting a taste for fish-n-chips and a pint on the walk to our 3 story loft where we live under government cameras and march to the beat of a UN drum.

    In the process we might step on some toes. We might stomp some British toes and some Egyptians and Syrians and Saudis too, but the world loves a strong leader and it isn’t the Obamanation and it isn’t Hillary Clinton who has had more women than Bill who is going to do that. It isn’t even the Bushes with their “New World Order”.

    The power behind what has happened over the years is huge. But, I think we are bigger and as the conservative, hard working, arse kicking righteous men and women we are I think we can take our country and our flag back and make it stand for right by standing against what we know is destructive behavior. Who determine what is right? If a person can’t figure out what is destroying America; if they can’t see the garbage dump we have allowed to be created in our own government and our own back yards, that person should not even exercise the right to vote. God Bless America! And ‘yes’ world, we have more crime. But, our armed citizens stop more bad guys than you do. That is the price for Freedom but we are going to lose it forever because we are giving our rights away one by one like you did.

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