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Today’s podcast is up. Just prior to recording, we learned a friend of the show was burglarized last week, losing a number of guns in the process only to actually see the guns in the hands of the likely thieves at Shiloh! As if that wasn’t bad enough, the on call assistant district attorney wasn’t willing to accept charges for possession of stolen property and the suspect were initially released by responding deputies. To say this left us fuming doesn’t quite cover it.

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  1. Were the suspects released WITH the stolen property? Please say no, at least the guns were recovered. Otherwise, I have just four words for the owner of the stolen guns: GUN SAFE. GET ONE.

    • Actually, William, our friend had a safe. Apparently the burglars were watching the home and conditions gave them time to defeat it. Cops who have served enough warrants can tell you that there a few safes that can’t be cracked by sledgehammer and pry-bar given enough time. Some take less time than others. I personally have seen some very high end “gun safes” that could be busted open in less than five minutes.


      • Gary, of course you are correct. Liberty has some impressive claims, backed up by a couple of stories. Of course, in this case the victim was targeted because of the info stolen from his car with his range bag, which said “I have guns” and here’s my address. My mailbox store lady told me of her customer who was followed from the Apple store. He stopped for lunch at a nearby restaurant, at which point the thieves broke his window and stole his new laptop almost in front of him, as he saw it happen through the restaurant window!

  2. I have told everyone I know that would listen that it does not matter what the law is; if the DA won’t move forward on the charges don’t expect LEO’s to enforce them. The problem with too many DA’s is that it is an elected position so they only do what law enforcement is necessary to get reelected. This also puts him/her above the law in too many ways because as I understand it, like the Sheriff, the only person who can arrest them is another elected LEO which is the Constable

  3. Stand by, Gary. I fired off an angry (but civil) email to the DA’s office. You may get a call from Jeff McShan looking for details of the incident.

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