Adrianne Curry shows a moment of mental clarity about guns

Screenshot from 2014-10-27 13:12:21
I have to applaud her post and response here. There’s a mental clarity to it that one can’t ignore. I’ll never suggest a gun is some sort of talisman to ward off evil but it’s one hell of a force multiplier in the hands of a anyone trained to use it. Get equipped. Get trained. Have a plan. Be prepared. She’s at least on the right track here. But it’s hard to square this clarity with some of her previous FB commentary on guns.
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It seems that she assumes gun owners (other than herself) don’t care about homelessness or kids. I know I’ve participated in many matches and gun related events over the years that were dedicated specifically to addressing those issues. At the same time, if I don’t defend my own right to self-defense and the tools there-in, it’s really hard to be able to do anything in defense of anyone else.


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