Two female suspected burglars shot by homeowner in Atascocita |

Next came the 911 call from a frantic homeowner saying someone was trying to break into his home just after noon. A couple of minutes later came the call that the would-be burglars were in his home, and that he had a shotgun.

The next sound neighbors heard was two blasts from the shotgun.

Deputies found two suspects — both shot in the torso. One was still in the house, the other ran into the street and collapsed. Both are young women.

via Two female suspected burglars shot by homeowner in Atascocita |

I can’t wait to hear some Mom’s Demand Action or other group tell us that these were just two single mothers trying to feed their babies because the babies’ daddies are all locked up by “the man.”


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  1. I think we will soon be leaving our crying towels at home as more and more girls are being desensitized toward violence in school. The coddling of thieves and thugs and bullies and murderers in our schools is going to make the conditions worse until we are forced to shoot kindergarteners as they become hoodlemized at earlier and earlier ages. This was not our problem when our teachers were backed by a 24″ aerodynamic paddle board and the guts to discipline when necessary regardless of what the parents said. If you are a ward of the state from 7-3, you should be disciplined as you behave. I got some paddelings I didn’t deserve. It just made me more inclined to stay the heck away from the garbage that would eventually get kicked out and made to take the jobs as cooks and busboys.

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