Self-protection with loved ones

I realize a lot of folks don’t do FB but, this one was worth showing. Or at least attempting to show it. I haven’t found this video at yet so in the meantime, I’m hosting it here on GOTR.

Finding yourself in a predicament requiring you to defend yourself is bad enough but, it becomes a much bigger problem to solve when you have to provide protection to a third person and that third person is unable to participate in their own defense or provide you with any aide, like your child. Unfortunately, that’s the situation this many faced and he makes some big mistakes (discussed in the video) but, I can’t help but notice situational awareness, or lack there of, is once again playing a huge role in defining the nature and complexity of the problems this man faces.


2 thoughts on “Self-protection with loved ones

  1. First, there is a reason the access is gated and there are bars visible but even though there is no lock on the gate, why he left it wide open shows that he is the kind who doesn’t care about anyone but himself anyway. After watching it several times I don’t think that was the fat ****s daughter and that was why the coward didn’t care that she was behind him as he went into the gate or care that he left her there to become another horrible statistic. There was no situational awareness, period. This is an Obamanation voter who would be the first to cry about the gate being broken and the police not being there when he needed them.

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