5 Self-Defense Cases Where The Attacker’s Past Meant Zero

Lawfully armed citizens have much of their identity invested in being the good guy, and tend to assume that society and the courts will recognize their assailants as the bad guys. But it doesn’t always work out that way.

via 5 Self-Defense Cases Where The Attacker's Past Meant Zero.

Say what you will about Ayoob, there’s some hard truth to the cases mentioned here. And if you talk to the folks at Texas Law Shield, these cases happen more often than many people realize. I don’t share this to scare anyone so much as it is an attempt to avoid romanticizing what we each potentially face when we decide to go armed.

Even when you do everything “right,” the law is NOT always perfect or clear cut. Cases like those mentioned here are part of the reason we remind folks that what they post online, even on our page, is discoverable and may be used against you. Even if that never happens, the facts of the incident itself may still be used against you and evidence that might help you could be excluded by a judge/prosecutor who has decided they don’t like you, the fact you shot someone, let alone, the fact you own a gun. But all of that beats the alternative of being unarmed and at the mercy of those who might do you or your family harm.

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