Local media goes back to telling you to act like a wounded minnow

The ABC owned, local news station commonly known as Channel 13 is often called one of the most trusted news sources in town. And believe it or not, where local news in concerned, that’s often true. But with a recent post, they collaborated with a “security expert” and admitted that they, “specifically did not mention firearms…”

To their credit, they mention ways of letting folks know you’re home and that’s fine given the fact many home invasions start out as a common burglary. Bad guy knocks on door. No one answers. Because he now thinks no one his home, he or his buddies go around to the back door to kick it in. This is a very common tactic. Of course, answering the door to an unsolicited visitor isn’t necessarily a good idea either. Having your car keys handy and hitting the panic button on your key fob, if your vehicle is so equipped, isn’t a bad idea though. it can draw unwanted attention to the home but, honestly, when was the last time anyone actually paid attention to a car alarm?

Where the wheels really fall off the bus and the author, Illona Carson, endorses victimization, is telling you that should you, “…come face to face with an intruder and you’re not prepared, lie down and do not look at them. Pretend to have a heart attack or breathing problem.” I am not sure what planet Carson and “expert,” Miguel Yanez are living on but, this is just plain stupid.

Folks, if you act like a wounded minnow, you’ll be treated like one and likely put out of your misery…Bet on it. There are countless cases of people, especially women, who simply gave into their attackers. They laid down to offer no resistance, and they are no longer here to discuss the issue. For sure, this tactic minimized injuries and violence because the victims were simply executed without hesitation. Do you really want to take that chance? I am not foolish enough to tell you that a gun is THE answer to this problem but, laying down, crapping your pants, or faking a heart attack like Fred Sanford (for those old enough to remember that show), aren’t likely to help solve the problem either.

But how about hardening your home against burglary or home invasion in the first place? Do you have a home alarm? Is it monitored? Does it have glass-break sensors? Do you have it on while you’re home? If not, get one. Also, wooden doors with nice glass centers are pretty but, not terribly secure. Get a steel door and/or reinforce the entire door way with an armored strike plate and hinges while you’re at it. Many/most modern homes have large walk in closets…These can often be easily made into a not so obvious safe room. Your plan may simply be, telling your kids to go to their safe room and wait for you to come get them.

And finally, a gun can be part of your plan. It’s a force multiplier that allows you to potentially deal with multiple threats at a distance. But if it’s just a lucky charm you’ve never trained to use and it’s locked away where you can’t get to it, it’s of little use. Carry your gun on your person, get quality instruction, and train to at least the same level of proficiency with which you operate your car…As in, you don’t have to think about how to drive, you just do it.


2 thoughts on “Local media goes back to telling you to act like a wounded minnow

  1. I usually answer the door with a Smith&Wesson 9mm Shield in my hand. Just being prepared. They don’t have to see it unless it is needed and then they still don’t need to see it.

  2. We rolled up to an alarm going off in a steel building that was standing alone (not in a strip mall) and checked the front door. No damage so we moved to check the perimeter and as we rounded the back of the building we found they had brought a cordless drill with a socket and removed the outside sheeting, pushed aside the insulation and paneling and were in and out in 6 minutes with the cash boxes. The typical burglar is going to come ready to make entry and they have left their manners at home. The only way to insure getting out alive is to be better prepared. Meet knock with reply and readiness. Take charge of the situation and don’t be worried about telling someone to come back later as you are busy at the moment. If they are good people they will come back. If they are not, the don’t need to come back.

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