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It took some work. As you’ll hear in the podcast, this one was a bit of an experiment. We actually used GoToMeeting to record this podcast and I wasn’t sure it was going to work at all but, it may turn out to be a viable option for us when we can’t all get together. We just have to get upgraded mics for Jeff and Jason to use at home if we try it again. At any rate, with no further ado, here is the latest GOTR podcast!

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  1. Gary, I’ve used the GoToMeeting with offices in Europe, Singapore, Brazil, and Dubai and they do work but you have to consider the dynamic of face to face interactive vs. voice to voice and computer lag for the screen. It can work but it helps to submit an agenda with comment options before the show. (The Dubai office is served by substandard equipment in country so it was voice only and had bad lag time.)

    • Thanks, Rob! We only seemed to run into a latency/lag issue briefly at a couple points during this recording session. The only “problem” was converting the recording to an audio file since the native output is WMV format video. It’s not something we normally would have done but, it worked well enough this session that we’ll consider it as an option for those times the three of us can’t all be in the same place at the same time. I think it may be something we can leverage for call-ins and interviews. And I have to give credit where credit is due because it was Randi Rogers who first made the suggestion to me. She and Julie Golob use Skype to record Gun Girl Radio and other media segments.


  2. Sounds like you guys have it under control. (I was one of those old geeks that built my own video editing computers so I can imagine what you are going through. I would have used a third computer for recording. Either a line out or speaker out to the LINE-IN on the third computer to record higher quality digital signal independent of those running the show. That way you don’t have screen interrupts affecting audio recording. Just a thought.)

    On another note, I was wondering if you know if there have been any studies done on the polymers used in or current model guns to determine how long they will stand up under long term use in firearms. I was a manufacturing engineer in electronics and plastics years ago and the plastics we had available had a “shelf” life that was factored in under the umbrella of “planned obsolescence”. I have a S&W VE i keep as a truck gun and have noticed two areas of potential failure developing. First is the magazine floor. The plastic bottom is beginning to deform and bow against the spring pressure. The second is indicated by the line of separation that would be formed between the slide and the lower frame. There is a “bowing” in it (for lack of a better word) that appears to have been a problem with cooling in the mold. This tells me the quality of the plastic, the filler, or the process was not as good as it could have been. (This is not a surprise with the S&W VE considering they were never intended to compare with higher end guns.) Regardless, my experience says that with typical annual shooting cycles I can expect pressure points to fail and render the gun useless in about 20 years. If I wanted to pass a gun made of polymer on to my children and grandchildren, is a polymer gun a good investment? I can imagine it might be…, IF the destructive analysis says the better quality guns should last the same as all steel or steel and aluminum guns. What say you on knowing if those studies were done?

  3. Very nice episode. Mic quality being what it was, still had lots of content.
    That being said….no more excuses for missing a podcast right? Heh heh heh…

    Going on to the technical side, Gary, have you thought about using TeamSpeak 3? Better choice in codecs and sound quality, easy to set up. Also a way to get a “call in” type feature going. Just set up an ECP have someone in channel acting as a call screener and the built in message system in TS can let you type to each other. Oh an no buttons for Jeff to mess up and drop calls.

  4. I want to point out that as to the heat necessary to apply Frog Lube we are talking about hair dryer hot, not oven hot. Your gun gets a lot hotter from a single mag than it should when applying Frog Lube according to their directions. Also, the heat is only necessary for the first application, after that it’s just wipe and lube.

    As for the cold, it sounds like you over lubed it. The last step in the process is to remove the excess. Here’s a vid that tested the over lube of Frog Lube and similar symptoms were observed to what you described.

    I agree with you that John Wick was awesome!

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