Daughter becomes the master while shooting with Dad

Meet Colin, Dad, and Samantha, his terrific daughter. Colin and Samantha joined the Tuesday night shooting club at Full Armor Range for their last meet of the year which found father and daughter on opposing teams that eventually had them to face each other on the line, one on one in a fast draw contest.

What you need to know is that the target in this challenge was a 1.5 inch wide, wooden gardening stake, seven yards away. On the buzzer, shooters would draw and engage their respective “stick” with one shot and one shot only, winner take all. When the buzzer went off and the smoke cleared, Samantha’s round found its mark in a little under 2 seconds…Dad might have been a little quicker but, his shot missed the mark. Great job, Samantha!

Oh, did I forget to mention that Colin is a 20 year veteran cop and that Samantha is a senior in high school? That’s not saying Colin’s a bad shooter but, Samantha was the better shooter tonight and he couldn’t be prouder of her. Samantha was shooting a plain-jane Glock 19 with little more than iron sights. To be fair, she was running Trijicon HD sights. Dad? Well, Dad had a really cool Smith and Wesson M&P with a Burris Fastfire red-dot. It didn’t help. Samantha clearly kicked his butt and her team won overall for the night. But it looked cool, Colin. Style points do count! Great job to both of you. We hope to see both of you on the firing line again soon!


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