Anti-gun writer/director posts PSA that recommends theft of firearms by children to thwart gun violence

So here’s the story, a would be writter/director from San Francisco, California named Rejina Sincic has posted a video on YouTube that she calls a public service announcement against “gun violence.” Quite honestly, I’m not sure it makes a case against violence of any kind so much as it advocate dangerous and criminal behavior by children. Specifically, it suggests that to stop “gun violence,” children should steal their parents’ guns and take them to their teachers at school.

In the video, as a most melancholy piano solo plays in the background, we see a boy sneak into what is presumably his parents’ bedroom to steal a handgun. Of course, the gun is just sitting in a chest-of-drawers. He then hides the gun in his backpack before taking it to school. For those paying attention, we’re already at a felony here folks. But, then we see the camera panning through the classroom and the boy stays behind after the class bell rings. The boy walks up to the teacher’s desk and proceeds to plop the handgun down on the desk before saying, “Can you take this away? I don’t feel safe with a gun in my house.” You can see the video here here. or watch it below.

There’s so much wrong here it’s not even funny. As I said before, the woman is advocating a felony. Multiple felonies in fact. At let’s not forget, we all recognize the hazards of an untrained/unauthorized person handling a firearm. My guess is that if a child watches this and shoots himself, Ms. Sincic won’t feel she shares any responsibility for that. Nor is she likely to feel guilty about a kid getting caught with the gun at school and in today’s “zero tolerance” environment, being permanently labelled a felon for stealing and then bringing the gun to school. And heaven forbid, that the unsecured gun is negligently discharged in the process of the untrained kid reaching into his backpack or handing it to the teacher resulting in the teacher or another student being shot. Nope, all of that, in Sincic’s eyes is surely the fault of the evil parent who owned the gun or the manufacturer who built it. This folks, is the other side of the argument. There is no reasonable discussion to be had with people like this.


Update….I knew it wouldn’t be long before this video was taken down. But it needs to be seen. Why? Because people like Ms. Sincic need to be exposed for the way they think, or their failure to think past their own childish fears. Her arguments are completely emotional in nature and thus the video itself, devoid of logic as a result. So here’s the video in its entirety.

6 thoughts on “Anti-gun writer/director posts PSA that recommends theft of firearms by children to thwart gun violence

  1. Not to mention, the “gun” the kid stole is a Crosman CO2 BB pistol. Good thing he turned it in…he might have shot his eye out.

  2. I wonder with all the libs or should I say commies that do not like guns will you please put a sign on your laws in big letters that says this is a gun free home. Then if your being attacked raped robed or beaten to a pulp maybe just maybe one of the gun owners in the neighborhood that hears your cries of pain or of the last gasps of your life will say well there they go again I better not try and help they hate guns. Then the cops can come and just do some paper work while your put into a bag as they turn on your pay per view and drink your beer and have a nice meal on you, hell what are you going to do about it ??? Your in a bag. this is all providing that you like the cops or if you were protesting them then they will look for the home movie you made with the dog and that jar of skippy peanut butter and start passing that around the hood (dam you will be famous to bad you will not get any of the money made from it.

    Or if the kids mother was being raped and she knew she had a gun but the kid took it, so she could not defend herself.

    They need to get the guns so they can push America over the edge to socialism. BUT I bet they are teaching the kids in school now that guns are no good, the hell with reading writing and math teach them more crap so they go on welfare and become a commie.

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