Interesting new Glock optics mount from ALG Defense


Larry Vickers posted this on FB. He says it was developed per SOF request. Personally, it’s hard to imagine anyone using a dedicated optically sight pistol outside the IPSC/USPSA or other competitive shooting environments. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen. After all, the Army is using Aimpoint optics as the only sight on many M4s and we so those in IPSC for years before the military adopted them.

Correction: The rail shows above is in fact from ALG Defense (it was previously reported as being a Geissele product). I couldn’t see the ALG Insignia on my phone when I posted the photo yesterday based on Vicker’s announcement. I still think this is more game gear than anything else. Any holster would have to be specific to this rail and knowing what it costs some manufacturers to tool up for a new gun (as much as $20,000), I just don’t see anyone other than ALG Defense themselves or a smaller custom shop creating a rig for guns configured with this rail mounted.


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