Spoke too soon…Papa Johns still insists on defenseless employees.

“The safety of Papa John’s employees is a top priority for our company.

Company policy prohibits employees from utilizing firearms in the performance of their duties. We plan no changes to our current policy, which is designed to protect customers and employees.

Upon investigation and considering the specific facts of the situation, we have reassigned the employee to work in the store and are offering her counseling to help her recuperate from the incident.”

via Papa John’s Decides What They’re Going to Do About Female Driver Who Shot Robber in Self-Defense.

As one listener pointed out, it seems Papa Johns have done little more than taken the path of least resistance with respect to public relations. Firing the driver who saved herself from an armed robber, when her public defiance of their policy is the only reason she lived through the incident, would have created a PR nightmare. So they take the “easy” way out…For now.

Papa Johns, Pizza Hut, and Dominoes all have similar firearms policies with regard to the possession of firearms by customers and employees with the latter being forbidden. All citing “safety” as the reason for their policies. And all have had delivery drivers killed in robberies. All have previously fired drivers who survived specifically because they dis-obeyed company policy as happened in this latest incident. None can explain how their policies helped those who have been ribbed, injured, and/or killed while abiding by their policies. Yet they continue to insist on leaving defenseless, the employees who face the greatest risk. How much do you want to bet the CEOs of these firms all have armed protection details?


2 thoughts on “Spoke too soon…Papa Johns still insists on defenseless employees.

  1. Well they are not out there delivering pizzas to the wards at night. Maybe their policy would change if they had to ride along.

  2. A young man I go to church with was robbed at gun point in Conroe. The robbers had broken into a vacant apartment and called in a pizza order. They pistol whipped him, left him unconscious, and took the pizzas/money

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