Oorah! Marine Corps authorizes Glocks!

In a Marine Corps first, the service recently added a Glock pistol to its list of authorized individual weapons, optics and modular attachments.

via Glock pistols approved for special operations Marines.

You read that right. The United States Marine Corps has just approved Glocks! Specifically the Glock 19! But to be clear, it’s not a Corps-wide edict. This is only for personnel assigned to Marine Corps Special Operations Command and will carry a non-Marine inventory number because it is a U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOC) asset.

You can read more at the Marine Times website. It is an interesting development given some of the controversy surrounding the USMC’s purchase of new Colt 1911s for Force Recon and MARSOC personnel a few years back. I’m pretty sure R. Lee Ermey, aka “The Gunny” approves!


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