Plain-clothes police officer’s gun is seen briefly, everyone loses their minds!

“Obviously the video raises concerns about MLB’s security protocols. MLB ramped up security this year and had all 30 clubs install metal detectors this season, yet here’s a fan carrying a gun.”

Source: LOOK: Man reaches for foul ball, reveals concealed firearm –

No. No, it really doesn’t obviously raise concern unless you’re the typical anti-gun media hoplophobe who thinks anyone with a gun is a threat. This is Texas and as it happens, a great many off-duty officers attended this specific game in memory of Houston Police Officer Richard Martin who was recently killed in the line of duty. Most did so in plain clothes. This fan was one such officer and Officer Martin’s son, Tyler threw out the first pitch.

Major League Baseball rules aside, you cannot disarm a police officer in Texas. Not even on private property but, you can tell the officer he’s not welcome. And though MLB made all 30 clubs install metal detectors, cops are usually admitted by simply showing their ID/badge to the local agency providing security for the game. After all, leaving their sidearms in their vehicles to be stolen by the myriad of thieves trolling Downtown Houston parking lots would be terribly irresponsible. There is nothing to see here and nothing to warrant concern.


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