Reports of AR/AK pistols being reclassified as NFA items

I seem to remember this coming up over a decade ago but, it is being reported that Obama has resurrected an attempt to reclassify things like AR/AK pattern pistols as NFA items. On closer examination this is indeed a resurrection of a proposed rule change that was dropped in 2005. A new “notice of proposed rule making” (NPRM) date has been added to the original document with a date of January 2016.

So it seems an old fight is about to get restarted. It has been widely reported the Department of Justice was going to move forward with new rules to enact gun control without Congressional approval. This appears to be just one effort to move in that direction. A new fight appears to be brewing.


One thought on “Reports of AR/AK pistols being reclassified as NFA items

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